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Amsterdam: East Indiaman or VOC retour ship; Length: 48 m; 1,110 displacement tons; Comp.: 215, Armament: 8x12pdr, 16x8pdr, 8x4pdr, 10 swivel guns; Amsterdam, Netherlands; 1748

Built by the VOC for the long-distance spice-trade to the East Indies, Amsterdam was one of the largest. A full-scale replica, the Amsterdam II, was built and launched by the city of Amsterdam in 1989.
Batavia: East Indiaman or VOC retour ship; 600 tons; Comp. 300; Armament: 28 guns; Amsterdam, Netherlands; 1628

Batavia sailed from Texel, north of Amsterdam, in the company of 10 other ships on October 29, 1628. After rounding the 'Kaap de Goede Hoop' the VOC ships would sail 2800 miles east, then turn north/northeast for Batavia on Java.

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Captain Adriaen Jacobszoon miscalculated Batavia's position and underestimated her progress. She turned north too late and on June 4th 1629, Batavia ran aground and was wrecked on the Abrolhos off the west coast of Australia. A replica of the Batavia was built and launched at Lelystad, Netherlands in 1995.

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Bonhomme Richard: USS Bonhomme Richard; East Indiaman; Length: 152 ft; Beam: 40 ft; Draft: 19 ft; 998 tons; Comp. 380; Armament: 6x18pdr, 28x12pdr, 8x9pdr; France; 1775

Originally named Duc de Duras and built for the French East India Company. She was given on loan to the United States in 1779. Her new career with the US Navy was cut short when, on the 23rd of September 1779, she had her ferocious but victorious engagement with HMS Serapis. Badly damaged and on fire, she sank on the 25th.

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Geldermalsen: East Indiaman or VOC retour ship; Length: 45.7m; 1110 displacement tons; Comp.: 112; Armament: 31 guns; Zeeland, Netherlands; 1746

Named for the estate of VOC director Jan Van Borsele, Geldermalsen sailed to Batavia in 1746. In December 1751, she sailed fully loaded to return to the Netherlands under the command of Captain Jan Morel when she struck Admiral Stellingwerf Reef (south-east of Singapore) and sank while taking most of the crew down with her.
Hollandia: East Indiaman or VOC retour ship; Length: 49.2m; 750 om tons; Comp.: 300; Armament: 8x12pdr, 16x8pdr, 8x4pdr, 10 swivel guns; Amsterdam, Netherlands; 1742

The second 150-voet class retour ship (after Eendracht in the same year ) built by the VOC for the long-distance spice-trade to Batavia in the East Indies. Hollandia was lost on her maiden voyage when she struck Gunners Rock in the Scilly Isles during rough weather. None of the crew survived the ordeal.
Justitia: HMS Justitia; Fourth Rate ship-of-the-line; Length: 160 ft; Beam: 42 ft; 1,249 bm tons; Armament: 54 guns; before 1804.

Launched as a British East Indiaman 'Admiral Rainer', she was bought in to the British Navy as 'Hindostan' in 1804. She was converted to a storeship in 1811 and her armament was reduced to 20 guns. She was renamed to Dolphin in 1819 and used to transport convicts. As she became a prison ship in 1830, she was appropriately renamed 'Justitia'. She was sold out of service in 1855.
Meresteyn: East Indiaman or VOC retour ship; Length: 44.2 m; 160 tons lasten; Comp.: 200; Amsterdam, Netherlands; 1693

Meresteyn sailed from Texel to Batavia in 1701. Illness and a shortage of provisions on this ill-fated trip made the captain set anchor off Jutten Island, short of its usual stop at Cape Town, and Meresteyn was thrown on the rocks and sank. Her wreckage was re-discovered in 1971 and the 'loot' was put up for auction in 1975.
Vergulde Draeck: East Indiaman or VOC retour ship; Length: 38.2m; Beam: 9.5m; 260 tons; Comp.: 193; Armament: 24 guns; Zaandam, Netherlands; 1653

Built by the VOC for the long-distance spice-trade to Batavia in the East Indies, Vergulde Draeck (Gilded Dragon) was lost on her second voyage out when she ran aground on a reef 120 km north of Perth, Australia on April 28, 1656.
Zuytdorp: East Indiaman or VOC retour ship; 700 tons; Comp.: 286; Zeeland, Netherlands; 1710

The Zuytdorp left Zeeland on the first of August 1711 for Batavia and wrecked on cliffs just south of Shark Bay on the Western Australian coast somewhere between May and July 1712.

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