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Queen Charlotte: HMS Queen Charlotte; First Rate; 2,279 bm tons; Comp.: 850; Armament: 30x32pdr, 28x24pdr, 42x12pdr; Chatham Dockyard, England; 1790

Involved in the 'Battle of the Glorious First of June 1794' when 32 English ships of the line were charged to intercept a French grain fleet from North America. A French battle fleet sailed from Brest to provide protection for the French convoy. Queen Charlotte engaged two French vessels; Montagne and Jacobin. The Queen Charlotte lost her fore topmast and Montagne barely escaped with 300 of her crew dead or wounded. While considered an English vistory as six French ships were captured, the French grain convoy got to Brest completely unscathed. As the flagship of the English Mediterranean fleet, Queen Charlotte sank off Livorno when she caught fire on the 17th of March, 1800. She took 690 of her crew down with her.

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