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Warrior: HMS Warrior; Three-masted iron-hulled steam Battleship; Length:128 m; Beam: 18 m; Draft: 8 m; 9,210 tons; Speed: 13 knots (sail), 15 knots (steam); Compl: 705; Armament: 26x68 pdrs (muzzle-loading ), 10x110 pdr (breech-loading); England; 1860

Built in responds to the French iron-hulled warship La Gloire, HMS Warrior, a revolution in Naval shipbuilding, was the largest and fastest armoured warship of her day. Innovations came at such a high pace however, that she became obsolete within a decade and in 1883 she was already withdrawn from active sea service. She has been restored and is on display at Portsmouth dockyards, England.

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