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Detroit: HMS Detroit; corvette; Length: 132 ft (overall), 92 ft 6 in between perpendiculars; Beam: 26 ft; Depth of hold: 11ft; Draft: 12ft; 305 displacement tons; Comp: 150; Armament: 1x24pdr carronade, 2x24pdr, 1x18pdr pivoting, 6x12pdr, 8x9pdr; Amherstburg, Ontario; 1813

Commissioned by King George III in honor of the capture of Fort Detroit, her career in the Royal Navy was very short as she was almost immediately captured by an American fleet under the flag of Oliver Hazard Perry on September 10, 1813 during The Battle of Lake Erie near Put-In-Bay. The battle gave the US full control over Lake Erie. She grounded and was wrecked in 1841 when an attempt to send her over Niagara Falls as a 'spectacle' failed miserably.

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1902 model of HMS Detroit.
Little Belt: Sixth Rate corvette; Length: 35.4 m; 460 tons; Crew: 121; Armament: 18x32pdr, 2x9pdr; Copenhagen, Denmark; 1801

Seized at Copenhagen by the British during the Napoleonic Wars, the HMS Little Belt became the focal point of an incident between the U.S. and Britain in 1811 when the USS President engaged and all but dismasted HMS Little Belt, 45 miles from the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. The USS President's agression was in response to HMS Guerrière impressing an American seaman.
Orpheus: HMS Orpheus; Screw-driven corvette; Length: 69m; Beam: 12 m; Crew: 259; Chatham Dockyard, England; 1861

Wrecked on a sandbar near Paratutai Island in 1863 while delivering troops and supplies to Auckland, killing 189 of its crew.

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