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Orient: L'Orient; First Rate; Length: 197 pied; Beam: 50 pied; Draft: 25 pied; Armament: 120 guns; Toulon, France; 1791

Launched in 1791 as 'Dauphin Royal' she was renamed Sans-Culotte during the French Revolution since her name was an obvious affront to any self respecting French revolutionary. She was again renamed in 1795 to her most well known name: L'Orient. L'Orient was the flagship of the French armada under command of Vice Admiral François Paul Brueys d'Aiguïlliers bound for Egypt in 1798. On August first of that year, Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson caught up with the armada in the Nile delta and the Battle of the Nile ensued. L'Orient valiantly fought off the 74-gun Bellerophon but ended up ablaze with Brueys and Captain Louis de Casablanca both mortally wounded. HMS Swiftsure and HMS Alexander finished her off and L'Orient blew apart when her magazine exploded.

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