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Beetle: A shipbuilding tool. A heavy iron mallet used to drive wedges (irons) into the seams of wooden ships to open them before caulking.
Caulking Mallet: A shipbuilding tool. An iron or wooden mallet (heavy hammer) used to strike a variety of irons, to open and close seams or to fill seams with oakum.
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Gammon Iron: A circular band of iron used to hold the bowsprit to the stem of a ship in late sailing vessels. See also gammoning.
Horsing Iron: A shipbuilding tool. A caulking iron used when caulking deck seams.
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Jerry Iron: A shipbuilding tool. An iron tool used for extracting old oakum from seams. Also called meaking iron.
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Lumber Iron: A forked iron crutch or stanchion, usually located upright on the gunwales, to hold oars or extra spars.
Reeming Iron: A shipbuilding tool. An iron wedge used to open up seams before caulking.
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