United States frigate President

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Admiral Class - USS President - Heavy Frigate model

USS President model flying Battle Sail. She is shown with royals and no studding sails, any configuration you prefer can be created, or she can be presented with no sails at all.

image of Cannon

Two of the thirty-two 24 pounder long-guns, the main armament of the USS President. Even though the USS President was classified as a 44 gun Frigate, she was initially armed with 32 24-pdr cannon and 22 12-pdr cannon. The 12-pdr long-guns were later replaced by 42-pdr carronades.

American gunners often named their cannon with an engraved copper plaque of some sort, with names such as 'Spitfire', 'Yankee Protection', 'Polly', 'Liberty Forever' or 'Bunker Hill'.


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