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Design stages
Building the hull (3 of 4) pointer
Deck details and masts
Rigging and Sails

Building a Model Yacht Hull

The hulls of modern yachts and sailboat models are plank-on-frame construction, they are faired and subsequently coated with an epoxy-resin.

Image of motoryacht hull

Above: 1:20 scale Fairline Phantom 48' mahogany model hull under construction. Sometimes quality ply-woods are used to help maintain symmetry when shaping the upper-structure.

Image of sailboat Model

Shown directly above is an Oyster 82' model under construction while almost ready to be painted. The image below shows the completed hull of a Cigarette Marauder model.

Image of offshore powerboat hull

The all wooden hull and upper structure of a C&C 32 shown below.

Image of model sailboat hull


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