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Design stages
Building the hull
Deck details and masts (1 of 3) pointer
Rigging and Sails

Deck Details

The next stage is to build and detail the decks. Items such as ladders, railings, guns, hatches, pumps and winches are designed to scale and subsequently created. They are then applied to the deck or hull.

Image of trailboard

Often the below-deck details have to be applied before the planking of the hull or decks can be completed.

Image of an 18th century capstan

All current and future models are considered Admiral Class. Each and every model is custom designed and created.

Deck view of a 16th century scale model galleon

Even though each ship model is completed with all its components and features in place, the level of detail on those components is determined somewhat by the scale of the model.

Carved Figureheads

The image above and to the left, shows a carved and painted George Washington straddle-head. The figure is still attached to the stock at the bottom of his boots. To the right, a classical warrior leading the charge. Both figureheads are just about an inch in height.

All cherry hull and deck construction of a Viking Longship.

Image of Viking longship


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