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Design stages
Building the hull (4 of 4) pointer
Deck details and masts
Rigging and Sails

Building the Hull Stage 3

Completed hull, ready with some deck furniture and decorations. As you can see in the picture below, the ship has “aged” considerably compared to the picture on the previous page.

Image of Galleon Deck

Through weathering techniques and the use of oil-paints, pastels and stains I attempt to create the illusion of a ship which has survived many storms and sailed on epic voyages.

Image of US frigate Hull

I do not use a lot of automation techniques in the creation of classic sailing ship models. I try to avoid the repetitive and machine-made look so often seen on plastic models or mass produced talls ships.

Image of circa 1779 stern and quarter gallery

In reality, no two planks were identical. If not the size, the grain would be unique for each plank. A machine-made look is fine and even required for a model of a motor-yacht or modern sailboat, but may not work for a 17th century vessel. My ultimate goal is not to create something that looks like a model, but at first glance simply appears to be a smaller version of the real thing, if that make any sense?

Image of the heavy frigate USS President


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