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Design stages
Building the hull
Deck details and masts
Rigging and Sails (4 of 4) pointer

Modern Sailboats

Modern sailboats can also be built with or without sails. The image below shows the sails of a C&C 39, mainsail and spinnaker.

Image of C&C 39 model with sails

Although hard to see in the image above, if you have any custom flags, pennants, banners or yacht club burgees; they can also be part of the model as shown in the scale recreation below.

Scale recreation of custom banner

Shown below is an image of the mast, rigging and sails of a Oyster 82 model. Care is taken to faithfully reproduce your sails and rigging in as much detail as possible.

Oyster 82 - Mainsail and Jib


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