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Design stages
Building the hull
Deck details and masts (2 of 3) pointer
Rigging and Sails

Building and erecting the Masts

Masts can be built almost independant of the rest of the model construction. They are fully completed with tops, trucks, half-moons etc.

Image of masts

Of course the bowsprit should be considered a mast also.

Image of bowsprit

The masts are normally fixed in position when most of the deck and hull detailing is done. They would just be in the way otherwise.

Image of masts

Yards, gafs, and booms are left off, until after some of the standing rigging such as the stays and shrouds have been applied.

Image of model yard

The image below shows masts at different stages of construction.

Image of the masts of a scale model

It is at this point that the model is finally starting to resemble a tall ship. The last deck, hull and mast details make their way onto the model, before her rigging can be completed.

Image of galleon with standing rigging

I extensively use airbrushing techniques for large and small surfaces and to create a variety of effects. The thin layers of paint created by means of airbrushing also allow the woodgrain, tiny detail and plank-to-plank edges to remain visible, often adding to the realism of the model. Dry-brushing may sometimes be used to simulate rust or wear and tear.

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