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Design stages
Building the hull
Deck details and masts (3 of 3) pointer
Rigging and Sails

Modern Deck Details

Modern sailboat and motoryacht models require a somewhat different approach to details. A lot of details are added to the superstructure, not neccessarely the hull, and are often made of completely different materials such as steel, chrome and aluminium.

Helm of sailboat model

Every modern yacht model is considered Admiral Class and can come with furniture such as a bar, barstools, barbeque, spa, benches and tables etc.

Image of a model helm chair

Since each model is a one-off model, all the particular details of your boat will be present.

Marauder Cockpit

Cockpit details of a Marauder 50 SS Model.

Nautica wide-body rib tender

A 1:38 scale model of a Nautica RIB tender, just one of the deck detail on a larger custom yacht model.

Image of yacht decking and helm

Deck and helm details of an Oyster 82 sailboat model shown above.

image of Jeanneau 54DS details

Of course it's important to get all your details just right!

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